Because baking makes me happier than you ever will

Nothing — nothing — more annoying to the Belligerent Baker than hearing the following phrases:

1.  “Oh, I think this’ll be good enough.”

2.  “Well, this will just have to do, won’t it?”

3.  “It’ll still be pretty good, I think.”

Baking, or cooking, or anything it is that you love to do, should not be about settling.  It’s about perfecting something.  It’s trying your best to be the best.  Like, say, growing the biggest tomato.  Having the best ass.  Winning your gin rummy league.  Whatever.  Anything less simply will not do.  And it shouldn’t.

That’s because “good enough” is never enough.  Personally, I can’t handle Bs on tests, I can’t handle crooked eyeliner, and I can’t handle making bad bakery.  So, the Belligerent Baker?  That girl–me–is about the pursuit of excellence in a fuck-it kind of world.  Try it.

One Response to “Because baking makes me happier than you ever will”

  1. ReadersHeaven at 1:33 am #

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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